Utilizes Interactive Format to Encourage Audience to Read About the “Best of the Losers” in Super Bowl History

In anticipation of Feb. 4, enticed readers to delve into the nostalgia of what could have been with its list of the top 32 football teams that did not win the Super Bowl.

On ESPN’s homepage, the article is presented with a headline, teaser, and image of the Patriots’ Tom Brady and Randy Moss. The headline, which reads “The best team that didn’t win a Super Bowl? Why it’s not the 18-1 Pats,” initially directed attention toward the article, but it is the interactive format that held the attention.

The article opened with a graphic that floated in along with the headline with an arrow that wipes away to reveal an interactive list that stated both the team name and year. Once clicked on, each team’s blurb appeared along with pictures, text, and animated graphics.Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.10.35 AM.png

The article successfully used a combination of graphics, images, and text to create a stimulating article that would not be expected when looking at its comparatively plain appearance on the homepage.