ESPN covers March Madness from all angles

ESPN is the hub for all things March Madness. Each year, millions tune in to watch the spectacle unfold and to make brackets in hopes of winning ESPN’s bracket challenge.

To keep viewers updated on all of the Madness, ESPN utilizes a heavy online presence through its website as well as its apps.

As always, keeps live score updates posted at the top of the webpage, making the scores easily accessible without having to search for the site’s NCAAM tab. Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.03.53 AM

A lot of news regarding March Madness is broken on ESPN’s apps. The ESPN app allows users to receive push notifications sent to their phone to stay up-to-date on the latest news. The app’s homepage also includes a news tab where the top headlines are displayed.IMG_2075

A lot of news regarding March Madness is delivered via ESPN’s Tournament Challenge app. The app is the home of ESPN’s March Madness bracket challenge. Within the app, users can create and track brackets that are entered in the challenge. The app gives users the option to be notified both when something happens to their bracket and when there is news regarding the tournament. Once again, these appear on a user’s phone as a push notification.


Although these sources are predominantly used by ESPN to deliver breaking news regarding the NCAA tournament, they also share news on their Twitter and Instagram pages as well as their Snapchat.


ESPN’s SportsCenter proves to be successful on Snapchat

In November 2017, ESPN debuted SportsCenter on Snapchat to help keep up with the trend of quick, instant news. Hosting the show, which airs twice daily on weekdays and once daily on weekends, is sports personality Katie Nolan.

The addition of SportsCenter on Snapchat came amid the hundreds of layoffs ESPN has been making to its staff. One of the major reasons for these layoffs is a decrease in the number of viewers ESPN receives.

To keep up with younger audiences and the increasingly short attention spans of audiences in 2018, ESPN turned to Snapchat, where their SportsCenter show has proven to be successful for the company.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 2.00.18 AM

The content being produced on the SportsCenter Snapchat show is catered more toward younger generations, and Nolan says their content is delivered accordingly, such as by using slang that is popular among these groups.

SportsCenter receives millions of views a day, and the show is run similarly to the SportsCenter you would see on TV. What is the difference? The information is delivered in short clips-think more “hot takes”- and it is all on your phone, making it much easier to watch the highlights of the day on the go.