An afternoon with Mayor Betsy Hodges and Professor Michael Siegel

On Wednesday afternoon, former Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and Boston University community health sciences professor Michael Siegel joined BU’s Initiative on Cities to discuss firearm violence and police shootings in the United States.

Professor Siegel is known for his research on firearm violence in the United States, which goes in-depth about how racism plays a role in the amount of gun violence per state.

Mayor Hodges is known for her work with the police force and community to reform police force policy in Minneapolis following the fatal shootings of Jamar Clark and Justine Diamond.

The following Twitter Moment includes live coverage of this event.

While Siegel’s research does not reach down to the city level, he has stated that the research is still strong enough to indicate that there is a strong relationship between racism and rates of gun violence in a community.

After discussing the priorities she had for her community and how she worked with both the police force and community as a whole to reach them, Mayor Hodges left the room with parting advice she says she often tells the undergraduates she works with: always know the budget of the organization you work with. She stated it’s always important to know where the money is flowing because it will indicate the values of an organization.


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